In memory of Jean and Tim Holmes

This site will contain memorials to Jean and Tim but its main purpose is to find and acknowledge people who have served others. We start with three who have made a difference for our family and will be looking to add others. We welcome suggestions for deserving people. In time we hope to expand on what this site can do including a future charitable foundation.

For a time after the deaths of Jean and then Tim I reached out to other parents who lost children and realized how many could not get over their loss, and how it seemed to block future joy or success. Some let their sorrow impede their love of remaining children, friends and life. Others increased their love for remaining children, friends and life.

We all have setbacks or sorrowful experiences. Those who linger on the sorrow
become bitter and re live the sorrow every day which blocks future success.

Successful people move beyond the sorrowful experiences and become better
because of the experience and life seems to open wider for them.

We miss our children and will never stop remembering them and the good
they accomplished, but we choose to increase our love and cherish our
remaining children and be thankful for life and its goodness with a trust in the
comfort and love of Jesus Christ to whom we know embraces our children.


1. South Ogden police officer McNeeley was the first emergency person to arrive at Jean's accident and climbed into the back seat and held her head, offering comfort and words of encouragement to her until she was excavated from her vehicle. His assistance without regard to his own safety touched our hearts and he will forever be loved and appreciated by all our family. He is the example of the kind of service we want to find and honor on this site.  Others in the South Ogden police and rescue departments were so kind, caring and professional. Our thanks to them and others who every day put their lives on the line so we can have a safer community.

2. We thank Council member Sally Ore for her relentless and tireless work against great odds to help get a crosswalk at 47th South and Washington Blvd. UDOT fought tooth and nail including misdirection's and lies to avoid putting a crosswalk on this intersection. Mrs. Ore never gave up and everyone who would listen to her heard about the need for a crosswalk at this intersection. Her influence along with others reached our State Representative Dixon Pritchard. She even took him to the intersection to see for himself how hazardous it was. Within a few months after meeting with him the crosswalk was installed. Even after it is constructed, she is continuing her efforts on other intersections in South Ogden that are a hazard to our school children.

3. A great big thanks of appreciation goes to State Representative Dixon Pritchard for helping get the crosswalk completed at 47th and Washington Blvd. For eight years after the traffic light was installed UDOT ignored City and private citizens concerns about this dangerous crossing. Even after a High School student was hit and almost killed UDOT still refused to install a cross walk. The Channel 5 news and Standard Examiners articles abut this intersection not only did not get UDOT to act they propagandized outlandish cost projections and excuses. We needed someone on the State level to get their attention and Representative Pritchard stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for the safety of children and pedestrians at 47th and Washington. It would never have occurred without someone on the State level. South Ogden owes State Representative Pritchard a great big thank you. Who knows how many lives will be saved and at least safer at this intersection. We do not know how many others helped influence this crosswalk, but we thank you as well.